Book Giveaway Winner - Skirts & Dresses For First Time Sewers

Thank you so much to everyone for entering the giveaway for my newest book, Skirts & Dresses for First Time Sewers! I had 414 entries, by far the most I've ever received for any giveaway, so thank you all so much!!!

So without further ado, I turned to to give us a winner (usually I pull from a bowl of entries, but 414 was way too many to do that, so I turned to technology for help!) and the system chose entry #292 - so congratulations to Kate White, the 292nd contest entry!
Thanks again for the incredible support, and for those of you that didn't win (all 413 of you!) if you still would like a copy of the book, you can find signed copies on my site here, or you can pick it up at Amazon as well. I hope you enjoy it!