Marianne Dress for Mom

My mom recently visited me for a lovely week-long vacation, which gave us plenty of time for girl talk, visit some LA sites, watch BBC shows on PBS, and eat some lovely meals. My weakness for stripes is clearly hereditary, because the only person I know that loves stripes more than me, is my mom. She loves the Marianne Dress and had asked if I would make her a Marianne on one of the free days of her visit. Of course!

We hit The Fabric Store first, partly because my mom hadn't visited the shop yet, and also because they were having their winter sale. As usual, I visited with the lovely Brooke, the manager of the shop, and we browsed their gorgeous fabrics. My mom had very specific fabric in mind–ponte stripes–and unfortunately they didn't have exactly what we were looking for.

Moving on to Mood, I knew they'd have some good choices for this request of ponte stripes, as I was just there buying some knits for my Linden Swap with Jennifer and Nicole. After some debate, mom picked a lovely gray and white stripe (which is the same one that my student Caitlin used in my class at Sew L.A.) and a matching white solid for the contrast. You can sorta see in the photo below that the gray is slightly heathered. It's really dreamy with a substantial, yet soft hand.

We washed the ponte the day we bought it (washed the way I usually do–washed in cold water, dried on high–for maximum shrinkage), then the next day we sewed it up! Mom was rather impressed with my ability to custom fit it to her needs, and in the end the fit was perfect. She prefers a slightly oversized feel in the upper body, with plenty of positive ease for maximum comfort, but she's teeny tiny, so I had to come in many sizes in the dress to make sure the lower part didn't overwhelm her little frame. She also requested a slightly longer length so she can wear it with flats to church but also with sandals in the warmer months without feeling like her legs were too exposed.

Mom chose to have the sleeves, yoke, and cuffs in the solid white, with fun little gray buttons on the cuffs. I sewed no less than four different sizes to customize the fit, and there was much rejoicing when it was exactly what she wanted! I have a feeling I'm going to get email requests for more!

Thanks for posing for photos mom :)