Building a Travel Wardrobe, Part Two

The easy part of building my travel wardrobe are all the basics that I wrote about yesterday–the outerwear, shoes, bags, and the things I'm likely to buy instead of make. The harder things to figure out are all the items I want to sew. There's never enough time in the day! I want to sew it all!

I've learned over the years to keep the to-sew list to a reasonable handful of items, consisting of many things I've made before, for guaranteed success. Below is this year's list of handmade things to take, a couple of which are already done and ready to go. Though many still need to be made, I know that they are very achievable. 

One consistency you will notice below is that almost everything to wear out of the house has a free-form waist. I have learned that most days when I leave the apartment I really want something flowy and not too terribly fitted. Though I do like tailored details, so nothing is as casual as a t-shirt, but they are just as comfy, and clearly more Paris-appropriate. 

1. Grainline Studio Alder Dress + Carolyn Friedlander Doe
I've been wanting to make up the Alder Dress and have just been waiting for the right fabric. When I saw this navy bias grid print from Carolyn Friedlander, I knew it was a match made in heaven. It's classic, a little bit preppy, and a perfect print for any occasion while traveling. This dress sews up well in quilt weight and I know that this will be a great staple for the trip. 

2. Closet Case Files Carolyn Pajamas + Amy Butler Voile
Let's be real, we do a lot of lounging on our vacation. I mean, it is vacation after all, right? And as I mentioned yesterday, I long for fun vintage floral prints after a long day of wearing neutrals. So to have some crazy adorable Carolyn Pajamas made in this gorgeous Amy Butler vintage floral voile to wear in the apartment will just be the cherry on top of each and every day. 

3. Fancy Tiger Sailor Top (turned maxi) + Bari J Voile
I originally bought the Amy Butler voile pictured above to make a maxi dress after seeing her wearing one at last year's Quilt Market, but once I got this Bari J Voile, I really wanted to switch it up. And I'm glad I did, because I think Amy's voile is best suited for the pj's, and this voile is just perfect for turning the Fancy Tiger Sailor Top into a maxi dress muumuu. This is already made up and getting worn a lot!

4. Shift Dress from Skirts & Dresses for First Time Sewers + Cotton + Steel Lawns & Rayons
This Shift Dress is my favorite garment from my new book, Skirts & Dresses for First Time Sewers, and last year it's pretty much the only thing I wore on the trip, every damn day. It's chic and looks pulled together, but it's loose and flowing. It's the thing in my wardrobe that I love wearing over and over again. Also, because there's basically no bulk and the dress takes no space in my luggage at all, I feel at liberty to make and bring as many as I want! I plan to make at least two in the luscious new Cotton + Steel rayons and a couple of their soft cotton lawns as well. 
5. Emery Dress + Cotton + Steel Quilt Cotton
This dress is also already made up, and though I don't like taking many fit and flare dresses with me on my holiday, I do like having one on hand in case the mood strikes me. And as I love this fun but neutral print from Alexia Abegg for Cotton + Steel, I think this is the perfect Emery Dress to take with me!

6. Marianne Dress + Blackbird Fabrics Quilted Knit
Every year I make a specific dress to wear on the plane there and back. And really, is there anything more comfortable than a knit shift dress? I think not. It's a long flight, and since I really hate flying, I think I should at least feel like I'm traveling in my jammies. This year my plane dress is my Marianne Dress made in the softest quilted knit from Blackbird Fabrics. Because of the bulk that the quilting adds, this is not a good luggage dress, so it is coming along specifically to wear en route, and I think it will do a perfect job. It won't even wrinkle!

7. Colette Patterns Laurel Dress + Carolyn Friedlander Doe
Another favorite shift dress is the Colette Patterns Laurel Dress, and it's nice to have a slightly more tailored shift in my bag. My book shift and my Marianne Dress are both lovely, but a wee sloppy compared to the Laurel, so I like to have it as part of the group. And really, who doesn't love having another reason to use more of the Carolyn Friedlander Doe collection! Love it. 

8. Robe (Pattern TBD) + Leah Duncan Voile
To go along with my muumuu and pajamas, I think a new robe is in order. But, as much as I love plushy fluffy robes, there's simply no room in my bag for that kind of space. So if I can't have fluffy, I at least want light and soft, and there's little as light and soft as voile. I haven't picked the robe pattern yet, but I'm leaning toward something classic, as pictured above, and without question I will be splurging and buying loads of the gorgeous Leah Duncan voile. Ahhh, I want this immediately!