Word of the Year: Mindful

I've watched a lot of people on-line choose a word to direct them for the year, and though I've set informal resolutions in the past, I've never chosen a singular word as a theme for the year, until this year. This year I feel calm, focused, and quieter than in years past. Perhaps it's aging, or perhaps it's a sign of getting comfortable in my business, but when I thought about this year's goals, only one word came to me: MINDFUL.

Mindful to me is:

  • to be present - recognizing the here and now
  • to be honest - clearly assessing the situation
  • to be calm - not to rush into judgement or decision
  • to be conscious - to be considerate of my surroundings 

How might all of this translate to my sewing, life, and business? In 2014 I resolved to use my stash more and to get healthier, both of which I did quite well with in the first half of the year. But the second half of the year, I fell off the wagon on both fronts. Well, not entirely off the wagon, but enough. Here's how I hope the goal of being mindful will manifest itself:

  • Personal Sewing - to use what I have and to recognize that what I have is enough. Design projects around what I already own, and allow myself to get supplies for specialty projects only. Be mindful of how I spend my money and whether I'm doing it for want vs need = less mindless buying.
  • Professional Work - continue to budget my time between life and work as best that I can. Do not say yes to projects that will create undue stress, while still growing and evolving. Be mindful to keep a healthy balance = less mindless busywork.
  • Social Media - I am absolutely guilty of spending way too much time keeping up with Instagram, blogs, and the like. I do enjoy it, but I need to set times in my day for browsing and unplugging. Be mindful of the here and now, not the virtual = less mindless surfing.
  • Personal Life - I already do pretty well with taking time off for rest & relaxation, but now I need to be better about integrating my workouts into my freelance schedule. Be mindful of taking care of my body along with my mind = less mindless snacking.
  • Consumption - As I make a lot of my own wardrobe, I am not victim to overbuying clothing and accessories, but I have been guilty of indulging more than I should. So being aware of what I buy and if I really need the item is a huge goal for me in 2015. Be mindful of spending = less mindless impulse purchases.
These are good guidelines to the year and I'm not going to create extra work for myself by creating charts and graphs or promising regular posts on the subject or anything like that, because honestly, that is not being very mindful of my time, right? For me, it's all about finding balance.

I hope this helps keep me in the present and more aware of the here and now. And if I need a visual reminder, I have printed out the photo above that I took in the French countryside and have hung it over my sewing table! 

How about you, have any of you set a word for the year? If so, I'd love to hear what it is and why you've chosen it!