Welcome to the Marianne Dress Sew-along!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready for your first project of 2015! Today we will get acquainted with the Marianne Dress and the sew-along schedule. So without further ado, let's get started!

The Schedule
If you missed this post about the sew-along schedule, here's the breakdown of the days to come. I am posting Tuesday–Thursday each week, giving everyone the weekend to get caught up. This dress goes together really quickly, but I also know that the Marianne Dress is likely just one of a few projects you're sewing at once, and of course, many of you have pesky interferences like jobs and kids and such, so hopefully this schedule is paced well for your busy calendar! Of course, if this feels too slow, you could make a few versions at the same time!

Tuesday, January 6 - Welcome to the Marianne Sew-along
Wednesday, January 7 - Supplies
Thursday, January 8 - Sewing with Knits Tips & Tricks
Tuesday, January 13 - Fitting & Choosing a Size
Wednesday, January 14 - View A & B Cutting
Thursday, January 15 - View A Collar
Tuesday, January 20 - View B Yoke Seam
Wednesday, January 21 - View A & B Shoulder Seams
Thursday, January 22 - View B Sleeves
Tuesday, January 27 - View A & B Side Seams
Wednesday, January 28 - View A & B Neck Binding
Thursday, January 29 - View A & B Hemming
Tuesday, February 3 - View B Cuff & Buttons
Tuesday, February 10 - Parade of Finished Marianne Dresses!

On the open Friday and Mondays I will post finished versions of the Marianne Dress that I have made to inspire you to see all the many variations and possibilities this pattern offers!

The Marianne Dress
I love this dress. It's the toss on and go dress that I always want to grab, as it's flattering, comfortable, modern, and really versatile. It's my go-to garment for car or plane travels, and you will arrive looking and feeling great. The dress is made of knit, so in this sew-along, we will discuss how to cut and sew with knits, how to fit knits, and why knits are different than wovens.

If you've never sewn with knits before, this is the perfect first project to launch you into the world of stretch fabrics. Once you try it, you will love it and this will open the door to t-shirts, undies, swimwear, leggings, and so much more. No more buying those basics at the mall anymore!

The Marianne Dress has two views, but like all my patterns, the elements can mix and match for unlimited options. View A, pictured below, is a simple front and back with a Peter Pan collar on the front. You can just leave it as is, or you could add the sleeves, the sleeves and cuff, or the sleeves and cuff and contrast yoke of View B to the collar of View A.


View B, pictured below, has a seam at the bust and matching across the back, but again, all of these elements are there for you to pick and choose from. I have made versions with the dress front and back of View A, with the elbow sleeves of View B and no cuff. I have also made versions with the back of the dress of View A, the front of the dress of View B, plus the collar, sleeves, and cuff. The possibilities are endless and entirely up to you! Seriously, don't you just love that?


I have a Marianne Dress Inspiration Pinterest board with tons of options, and when the pattern launched I also wrote a blog post about styling your version. So if you haven't browsed either of those, give them a look and start deciding which elements you'd like to include in your dress. And for some real-life inspiration, some bloggers have already whipped up some Marianne Dresses! Check out this post or search the hashtag #MarianneDress on Instagram!

Grab a Badge
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That's it for today! Join me tomorrow where we will talk supplies! And remember, there's still time to grab a pattern! You can download it as an instant PDF print-at-home pattern, or get it mailed to you. Or check out your local retailer! They might have it too. We don't get to cutting and sewing until next week, so you have plenty of time to get your pattern!

See you tomorrow!