Marianne Sew-Along: Sewing the Yoke

Today in the Marianne Dress Sew-Along, we are going to attach the yoke front and yoke back to the dress pieces for View B. This step is very simple, so it's going to be a quick post, so here we go!

Pictured above, lay your front yoke piece down right side up. Lay one of the two dress pieces on top of the yoke and line up the top edges. I like to pin at the center and sides first, then pin in between. 

Continue pinning all the way across the seam. Note: remember to use ball-point pins for your pinning, as they will glide into the fabric easier, and will not tear the weave of the fibers. 

If using a serger, simply serge across the seam at the 3/8" seam allowance as pictured above. 

If you are sewing with a conventional machine, use a narrow zigzag stitch to sew this seam. I prefer to use a length of around 2.0–2.5 and a width of around 1.0–1.5. Test your stitch on a scrap of the amount of layers you will be sewing first, and look for two key things: 
  • the stitch should appear smooth on the right side of the garment along the seam
  • the stitch should stretch in unison with the fabric 

After sewing, press the seam allowance toward the dress. For a conventional machine, you can trim the seam allowance down to 1/4" before pressing if you choose. 

Repeat all the above steps for the back yoke and dress piece, so you are left with a fully formed dress front and dress back. That's it!

Tomorrow we will tackle the shoulder seams for both View A and View B. So get your clear elastic ready! And remember, you can click here to see all the posts tagged with the Marianne Dress Sew-Along to reference anything from this series.