Marianne Dress Sew-Along: The Side Seams

In today's post for the Marianne Dress Sew-Along (which is a day late–sorry!) we are sewing up the side seams! This is a step for any and all versions of the dress, so unless you want your side seams unsewn, we're all participating today! Let's get started!

The first step is to fold your dress, front facing back, with right sides together, as pictured above. Pin along the side seams. If you have a striped fabric as above, I suggest pinning at each stripe, or every other stripe. You spent the time to cut these to line up, so now we want to sew them lined up too!

When sewing side seams, I always suggest sewing towards the hem, because if anything were to get of kilter, you can always slightly adjust a hem. Of course, if you are pinned correctly, especially if using stripes, you will have locked the fabric in place already, but still, it's a good rule of thumb to sew towards the hem.

If you are making View B, sew from the end of the sleeve hem, under the arm, then all the way to the hem. Be careful at the underarm seam on a serger and take the curve pictured above nice and slow.

As you can see above, pinning stripes pays off in the end! So rewarding!

For View A, place the dress front and dress back, right sides together and pin along the side seams and sew from the sleeve opening to the hem. 

If working with a conventional machine, sew with the same stitch you chose when sewing the shoulder seams together. Above is a simple zigzag stitch I used on my machine. You can opt to use an overlock stitch or a stretch stitch too. 

After sewing the side seams on a conventional machine, trim the seam allowance in half. For both views, press the side seams after sewing. Easy! 

Next up we'll do the neck binding! Look for that later today!