Marianne Dress Sew-Along: Sewing the Sleeves

In today's Marianne Dress Sew-Along post, we will be sewing the sleeves onto the dress. Technically this is part of View B, but you can of course also add them onto View A if you like! If you are using View A, remember that you need to transfer the notches from the yoke front and back of View B to the armholes of View A so you know where to line up the sleeves. You won't need the yoke seam notch, just the single and double notches for the sleeve front and back, as well as the center notch for lining up at the shoulder seam. Okay, let's sew!

Open up the dress completely so the entire dress is flat with the right side up. Place one of the sleeves on top of the dress, lining up the raw edge of the sleeve with the raw edge of the armhole. Start by pinning the center notch at the shoulder seam. Rotate the entire sleeve to the side and pin at the sleeve notch (double for back, single for front). Continue pivoting the sleeve and pin the remaining notch on that side of the sleeve at the yoke seam (if making View B). Lastly, pin the end of the sleeve at the end of the armhole opening. From those anchor points, pin in between and keep the raw edges aligned. 

Repeat this step on the other half of the sleeve, so the entire sleeve is now pinned to one of the armholes. 

Using the machine of your choice, sew from one end to the other, at the 3/8" seam allowance. Try to keep the shoulder seam in the direction that you pressed it in the last step. If using a conventional machine, trim the seam allowance down in half. Press the seam allowance toward the sleeves. Then repeat all of the above steps on the other sleeve!

Yes! It's really looking like something now! And in the next step, which is sewing the side seams, it's really going to feel like a dress! Tomorrow is another finished make to see, then we will return to the sewing on Tuesday, giving you the weekend to get caught up!