Introducing Lower US Shipping Rates!

I am so excited to announce lower US shipping rates! New rates for orders of one or two patterns in the US will now cost nearly half the price! Shipping a single pattern will now cost only $2.68, and two patterns will ship for only $3.58! This is a savings of $3.42 for a single pattern and $2.52 for an order of two patterns!

So if you were waiting for lower shipping rates, go to the shop now and pick up that pattern you've been spying!

How is this possible? As I am a one-woman operation, I made my shipping as streamlined as I could and only was offering USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail for all orders. This made it easy for me as I only had to stock a few types of packing materials. But after many many emails from customers about the high cost of shipping one pattern, I spent some time to retool my site, research and order new packing options, and it's now all set!

So now, anywhere in the world, an order of 1 or 2 patterns will ship via USPS First Class. Orders of 3 or more will ship at USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail, in a box or envelope appropriate to the size of the order.

I genuinely appreciate the feedback from all of my customers and do listen to any and all suggestions, even if it is a criticism! I hope that this change will encourage anyone on the fence about ordering a pattern to take the plunge!

Thank you for the constant support and feedback on what you'd like to see from me and my company! Have an idea or comment? Remember that there is a handy contact me page where you can let me know what you're thinking! And you never know... I might just do what you ask!