Marianne Sewalong Schedule

Hi everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful December so far! It's positively glittery here with holiday cheer! Per your request, my Marianne Dress Sewalong will get going in January, and believe it or not, that is right around the corner! Below is the full schedule so you can start planning your first project for the new year - a Marianne Dress (or two...)!

We will start off with the basics, talking about supplies, tips for sewing knits, and the like. We won't get to sewing until January 15, which should give everyone enough time to recover from the holidays, pick up the pattern from me or from their favorite retailer, and gather supplies.

The sewing goes really quick on this dress, but as we all have busy lives, I spaced things out to allow for long weekends to accomplish all that is discussed each week, leaving you Friday-Monday to get caught up. I will also be doing every step with both a serger and a conventional machine, so no matter how you're sewing yours, you will be included!

And on those Mondays and Fridays, I will be sharing my many Marianne Dresses that I've been whipping up. It seems quiet here right now, but trust me, an army of Marianne Dresses is being prepared, one dress at a time!

Grab a badge below in the size you like and post it to your blog side bar to share the sewalong if you like. The more the merrier! Happy weekend everyone!

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