Marianne Dress Sewalong Announcement!

I took a rather informal poll on Instagram this week to see if December or January would be better for the Marianne Dress Sewalong. My instincts were that this month is already pretty jam packed with gifts to finish making, holiday parties to attend, and just too many obligations already marked on the calendar, and my intuition was right, as January won hands down!

So, I'm happy to announce that we will start the sewalong on Tuesday, January 6th! This should give everyone plenty of time to get their pattern for the holidays, recover from their New Year's Eve hangover, and be more than ready for some seriously cute knitwear!

The full schedule is still to come, but know that I will start with things that don't include sewing so if you wait until after the holidays to order your pattern you will be fine. In the meantime, I'm sewing up about a thousand versions of the dress in a wide range of knits and variations to help everyone see the dress is as many ways as possible. I do it for you; you know, for science ;)

Have a great weekend everyone!