End of the Year Roundup - The Best of Personal Life 2014

While the lines of my work and life do blur quite a lot, there are times when I do run away from it all and enjoy life outside of my studio! Below are some personal highlights of 2014!

Top row: me & Mike in the Champagne region of France; the forest grounds of Versailles
Bottom row: macaron break at the Petit Palais; a flea market at the Village St. Paul in Paris

Top row: the chateau we stayed at in the Champagne region of France; me & Jen in their rented Paris apartment
Bottom row: me, Mike, Jen, and her husband Bob drinking champagne in our neighborhood Paris park; the many grape vines of the Champagne region of France 

Above: my mom, brother, and I said a final farewell to my late father on Lake Michigan

Above: a mini-break for my man's birthday at the Del Marcos Hotel in Palm Springs

Above: a mini-break this fall in San Francisco with Jen & Bob and friends

Above: the many sights of my workouts this year, and the joys of buying jeans for the first time in over a decade