Studio News

First, thank you so much for all the kind comments on last week's Wildwood Emery post! If you are regular reader, you know that posing for the camera is not my strength and I'm trying to get more comfortable doing it. I honestly liked those photos and I'm glad that you all did too!

For today, as there is a lot going on behind the scenes right now, I thought I would give you all an update on what is coming up in the next few weeks, as there is a lot coming on the horizon!

Marianne Dress Pattern

First up, my Marianne Dress is off to the printer this week (yay!) which means that we now are simply waiting for her to get printed and shipped back to me. I thought about giving everyone a sneak preview, but I think that takes a bit of the excitement away from the day of the release, so sorry, you'll just have to keep waiting! But if you didn't already get the hints in previous blog and Instagram posts, it's a knit dress, so get those knits washed and ready!

PDF Patterns

I also have some exciting news that my old patterns will soon be available as PDF downloads! Many many many people have requested a PDF print-at-home option for my Emery Dress and I'm happy to report that the lovely Devon is making that happen as I speak. Look for those soon! Marianne will also launch as both print and PDF options for those of you that have mail issues, or want the instant gratification of the PDF.

I have debated this choice for a very long time, but have decided to take the plunge. Why did I hesitate? Honestly, I have seen the print-at-home option be abused with people sharing their files and making printouts for their friends, essentially giving the product away for free, which is stealing. But I have decided that there are more honest folks out there than not, hopefully! So for all the lovely people in mail-challenged places like Brazil and Mali that have emailed me, I hear your need and want to offer you the PDF choice so you too can enjoy the patterns too!


Also coming up in the next couple of weeks are two book giveaways! I'm making garments from both of them right now so you can see a finished item from the book, and also so I can honestly report from a maker's perspective on how the book and patterns worked. Stay tuned!

There are other things happening that I'm not quite ready to report on, so just trust me when I say that there is a lot going on here! Plus I'm sewing a ton of sample garments for Quilt Market which is keeping me rather busy too! Thanks as always for the constant support and I'll see you back here later this week for a fitness update!