Moving Slowly

It's been a bit quiet here lately, and that's partly due to the upcoming pattern and all the other things I'm working on behind the scenes, but it's also due to a bit of emotional strain as of late. I don't get too personal here on the blog; I try to reveal just enough to give you all a taste of who I really am and what my life is like, without steering too far from the topic at hand, which is sewing.

But I do feel like an explanation is in order, as if you see me lately, I might seem a bit off of my usual self. The reason is that earlier this week I went home to be with my family as we put my late father's ashes to rest. He's been gone since 2006 but we never did anything with the ashes until now. It has been a wonderful moment to bond even closer to my family and to remember a man we all loved, but it has brought out a lot of sadness and emotion and I'm finding it hard to hide, so I thought it best to openly talk about it.

My dad was a man of the water, a former Navy man that loved the lake and boats, and so it is fitting that he is now a permanent part of Lake Michigan, where we spent many family hours when I was growing up and where he and my mom continued to go even after my brother and I had moved away to distant shores.

So needless to say I am moving at a slower pace right now. The Marianne Dress pattern is ready to go, I just need to finalize a few last touches before sending it to print to make sure I've caught every mistake so it is perfect. I'm not rushing myself and had wanted it to be out by now, but I'm moving along and allowing myself to live beyond my work.

Thanks everyone for your understanding <3