New Bombshell Winner!

Well, it's been a week since I announced the winner of the Bombshell Swimsuit giveaway here on the blog, and I haven't heard anything from the randomly chosen commenter, so it's time to pick an alternate winner!

I again randomly sorted all the comments and we have have a new winner! (if you don't know from previous giveaways on my blog, I don't use the winner selector site like a lot of other people, since it never picks the first or last person and I think that's unfair!)

And the winner is:
Karen! Yay! You're our new winner!

This would be a great pattern for me as it is completely out of my comfort zone. I'd love to work with stretchy materials and get to grips with elastic. If all else fails, I'll whip up a quilt weight cotton version and sit on a picnic blanket, away from water!

I know this might not suit an English fall and winter climate, but this gives you all winter to make it up, or if you do it quickly, there might still be time to bust it out this season!

 Congratulations Karen!