Fall and Winter Sewing Plans

It's no secret that I'm a dresses girl, but now that I'm working from home most days, my desire to get into a woven fit and flare dress is diminishing more and more everyday. I still wear them when I leave the house, but I need to address this huge hole in my closet: attractive casual wear.

I'm sure I'm not alone when it comes to this issue. You have super cute dresses, and you have workout wear, and you have pajamas, but there isn't much in between. That is the huge and glaring hole in my wardrobe. So since it's getting more and more embarrassing to answer the door when then FedEx guy comes by on a Wednesday at noon and I'm still in what looks like pj's, I seriously need to address it!

I have gone through a very similar fabric overhaul as my pal Devon and I've really stocked up on basic and classic fabrics in my stash and am setting my more novelty prints aside for quilts, and for a future stash sale. So I have fabrics ready to go and now it's a matter of making plans.

For the at-home work wardrobe, I'm thinking about casual outfits that feel like pajamas but that are actually real garments. Of course, one of the garments on my to do list is my upcoming Marianne pattern, but we're not going to talk about that quite yet! So, moving on to those that I'm thinking about...

Pictured above at the top is one of the latest Named Patterns, the Koko Top. Now that I'm wearing pants I need more tops! Though of course, the dress brain in me thinks that this extended to a dress would be really adorable!

I'm in the midst of teaching the Deer & Doe Aubépine Dress right now and am loving it so far. My version is done (and will be blogged when the class is done) and it totally fits the bill to be as comfy as jammies but is a real dress. 

Of course I jumped at Jen's Alder Dress the second it was released. I need to make a muslin to confirm the fit, but then this is again another perfect dress for wearing around the house that is still out-on-the-town acceptable as well. Jen is a great patternmaker and I know it's going to go together super well.

Did you all see the new Papercut Pattern Clover Dress that was released yesterday? The power of the PDF is strong and I bought it, printed it, taped it together, and cut out my size last night after dinner before going to bed. Yeah, this fits my "casual and comfy but chic" requirements perfectly. Muslin coming right up! And, there's a top version that I can wear with pants!

More coziness from Grainline Studios, though actually listed as pajamas so it might be a harder crossover outfit, are the Lakeside Pajama set. I think this is a great at-home outfit for those insanely hot LA days when I can't stand to have anything touching me.

I am not really a button-down shirt kind of girl, but I do have a vintage 1970's button-down shirt that some of you might have seen in real life and it's cozy and lovely to wear. I'm thinking the Archer Shirt could be all kinds of coziness this fall and winter. Can you tell that I'm really trying to embrace separates? 

Of course, if we're going to talk comfy, the Moneta Dress from Colette Patterns needs to be mentioned. I made a muslin of the top bodice and love it, so these are coming stat. In related news, I made a wearable muslin of the Mabel Skirt and it is not for me. The pattern went together in a flash and fits great, but not for my body type. So I gave it to Haley who I knew would rock it, and she does! Yay!

Also on my to do list is the Amina Pants from Papercut Patterns. I've mentioned making these before and wholeheartedly blame Devon for this turn to jammy pants. Whatever, I'm rolling with this...

Lastly, in the not-work-at-home category of clothing, I'm still thinking of making the Flora Dress from By Hand London as well as the Cami Dress from Pauline Alice. I love both of these and want to try the Flora this time with the tab top. You might remember I made up the cross-front version bodice with no success at all, due to my recent loss of bust with my new weight loss. Great problem to have, but I can see that the tab version is likely more suited for me.

The Cami is just so classic and adorable that I need to add it to my closet for sure. Did you see that Pauline has made her patterns available in print form by the way? Super awesome!

That all looks rather ambitious, but I must say that I am ready for a complete closet overhaul. I hardly wear many of the items in my closet and I think it's time to totally empty the whole thing and start over. Literally. I am ready to have a total do-over!

How about you all? What plans have you made for this fall and winter? Are there patterns that fit the comfy-work-at-home category that I'm not considering? Do tell!