Le Bon Mix: Atelier Brunette + Me

One of the spots I knew I wanted to visit on my recent trip to Paris was Anna Ka Bazaar, the home to the fabric company Atelier Brunette. I have seen many bloggers use their fabrics and I knew that if the quality of the fabrics lived up to the beauty of the prints in real life, I was going to take some home with me.

I'm happy to say that the quality was even better than anticipated, as the cotton is lighter than a quilt weight, but heavier than a lawn, with a nice softness and drape, making it the ideal weight for garment construction. It's no accident that the weight is what it is, as they fully intend the fabrics to be used for clothing and they sell wholesale to the garment industry as well as to DIY sewers. Of course you can quilt with it too, and I intend too do just that with the pile of precuts above that I bought, but when you touch it, garments are the first thing to come to mind for sure.

I visited their tiny shop twice on my visit, conveniently located a short walk from our Paris apartment in the 3rd arrondissement. It was one of my very first stops within the first week of arriving, and then I went back again a couple of days before leaving as I knew I had to have more, and I wanted to get some goodies there for a giveaway for all of you! (Look for that next week!) I always love seeing European ateliers as it's a nice lesson in space - you really don't need to have the biggest shop on the block to have everything you need. I felt the same way at Ray Stitch when I visited there too. Just the right amount of notions, fabric, patterns, and some little extras. 

I got to chatting with one of the owners on both visits and after some chit chat he had me give him my information to pass onto their head of social media. And lucky me, shortly after returning home they reached out to me to start a collaboration! I love it when things you already love want to team up with you! Makes the saying "yes" so much easier! We've decided to team up to show "Le Bon Mix", a pairing of their fabrics with my garment designs. 

They made up a lovely graphic to show all of you just how amazing my Emery Dress would look in their gorgeous Hirondelle bird fabric. You might have seen this fabric on the lovely Julie of Jolie Bobbins (whom I got to meet - more on that in another post) on this jacket. It's a super pretty print and would make any garment proud. 

Based on my conversations with the owner, there are no US retailers as of yet, but they are growing fast so I wouldn't be surprised if they expand soon to the US market. It's all logistics, dealing with shipping costs and the like at this point, but you can order directly from their site, so there's really no need to wait for it to hit a US store. In fact, I love ordering directly from the maker or designer, as it feels like there's a closer connection to the source that makes me feel really good. 

In addition to their in-house Atelier Brunette line, Anna Ka Bazaar also stocks designs from other fabric makers, as well as some indie pattern companies. I picked up the gorgeous République du Chiffon Robe Brigitte pattern on my second trip to the shop along with some designer medium weight rayon that has the most AMAZING drape. Even my man was like, "oh... that's nice!" Above it is pictured with the larger cut of Bye Bye Birdie I picked up from the Atelier Brunette line to make a garment.

Want to get some for yourself? Next week I'll have a giveaway of some of the precuts I bought at their shop, but for garment yardage, seriously, check out their site and pick some up. Remember that if you're getting their in-house Atelier Brunette fabric, the weight is consistent, but if you pick something else that they stock, know that there are a variety of weights and fabric contents to choose from, so make sure to pick up what best suits your project. 

Thanks to Atelier Brunette for the start of a lovely relationship!

* I received the Le Bon Mix graphic in exchange for cross-promotion. All fabrics and notions were purchased by me and all opinions are my own. All photos taken by me. *