Coming Soon: A New Pattern! And Lessons I Learned Along the Way...

Yes, it's true! A new pattern is coming soon and I am super excited to share it with you! I'm sure you all have many questions about what it will be and the like, but the first question most people ask me about my patterns is this: "Why so long between patterns, yo?" (Okay, not everyone throws in the "yo".) And here's the answer...

Over the last 9 months since my Emery Dress pattern came out, I've done many things, but mainly I wrote two upcoming sewing books, as well as launched my most recent book in February! Yes, there are two more books coming in early 2015 and those eat up a LOT of time! So that's the big reason.

Also, I've been teaching, living my life, traveling quite a lot (France, Palm SpringsColorado, Pittsburgh, Houston, Michigan, etc.) and all of that pretty much fills in the rest of the time. Well, that and sleeping. Ha!

But here's the big lesson I learned along the way: It's not a bad thing to get out of your own way. What I mean is that I had hoped that my Emery Dress would make a big splash when it came out, and thankfully, it did. What I figured would happen was that with each indie pattern release that came out after it, the sales would plummet and I'd need to spark things up in the early part of the year. And you know what? It didn't. I'm thrilled that the sales of that dress have kept my little ship afloat since the day it was released. Thanks Emery!

My man and I have had many conversations about this and he kept saying that same thing to me: Sometimes it's good to just get out of your own way and not step on your own toes by releasing too much too fast. Honestly, it's not for a lack of ideas, or a lack of desire that I don't have 1,000 patterns out by now. But is that all bad? I'm thinking no.

For me, when I see a new pattern and get excited about it, I buy it up, dream about the perfect fabric choice, and add it to my queue to get started on it, realistically, in the next month or two (or longer sometimes). So when the same designer releases another pattern before I've gotten to the last one, it confuses my creative brain. Do I move on? Do I hurry up and finish the last one so I can move onto the next one? Granted, part of the overlap is my own delay and if I was faster about sewing up my queue, I'd perhaps be ready by the time the next pattern came out, but I never seem to be! Is that just me? Or do the rest of you feel that way too?

One can only have so many garments and I'm not the type that is longing for an apartment-sized closet. I love Sarai's Wardrobe Architect series and it gets me thinking about quality vs quantity and my desire to release things I really really want to wear over and over again myself. I absolutely think that each designer and company needs to do what feels right for them, and this is in NO way a judgement on anyone but myself. Rather this was a revelation to me, that perhaps releasing one or two patterns a year is a-okay.

So, with all of that said, if you're still reading, you get a little insight to what the pattern will be! One word: knits! Yes, it will be for knit fabrics, so go get yourself the Colette Guide to Sewing Knits, and get practicing so you'll be ready in about a month when the pattern is back from the printers!

Thanks to everyone for supporting my patterns and I hope you love this next one as much as the rest!