Petit Pan

I pride myself on knowing a lot about fabric shops in two cities: LA and Paris. So suffice it to say that when I walked by a shop last week that I had never heard of before, and they were selling the most adorable fabrics, buttons, pre-made piping, bias tape, and more, I just about flipped out.

Here's the scene: my man and I were walking home from having gelato. We turned down a street we hadn't walked down before, and on the right side of the side walk appears a shop full of bolts of fabric with adorable florals on them. He turns to me, I smile to him, and in I go. We both know what's about to happen!

About 30 minutes or so later (and it's not that big of a shop) I emerge happy and with a bag full of precuts. Welcome to Petit Pan! Your new favorite super duper cute fabric shop!

Upon returning to the apartment, I did a little digging to find out more about this place. First, it's not new, so shame on me for never having heard of it before. Did anyone else know about this place? They've been around since 2002, so there were right there for the shopping on all of my previous four trips to Paris. Doh!

Are the Parisian sewing ladies using their fabrics? I feel like I've never seen them around or heard any mention of them in the past, so who knows if anyone else knows about them. But now I know! Yay!

Anyway, from looking at their site, it seems as though that they have fabric and notions for sale, plus items pre-made from their fabrics and notions. Much like the Liberty of London model, where you can buy their fabric, or just buy the dress made from their fabric.

I loved everything in Petit Pan, but I know that my wearable fabric taste is getting calmer and calmer, so their vivid colors were perhaps a bit too much for me to wear. But as much as my clothing palate is getting quieter, my desire to make fun quilts is growing and growing. So I knew that a bundle of these pretty prints would be a wonderful souvenir to bring back and make a quilt from.

I picked a handful of cotton quilt weight prints, but they also had a whole wall of oil cloth, heavier home dec weight fabrics, as well as loads of pre-made notions, which were very hard to resist.

Next time you're in Paris, you should totally swing by this super cute shop! And if you're far away, not to worry, as they sell all their fabrics and notions on their website too! Hurrah!