Me Made May Recap

I decided to participate in this year's Me Made May pretty much at the last minute. Not because I thought it'd be hard to wear handmade everyday, because I pretty much do wear handmade everyday. But I hesitated because with my body changing so much this year, I hadn't made many new things for myself as we entered May, so I knew that I'd repeat a lot of things along the way, since there are only a few garments I have in my closet that I still liked the way they fit. But I still jumped in, figuring that I wear handmade all the time anyway, and well, I should be better at documenting it, and away we go!

I will say though, I got seriously tired of my own selfies, so lord, if you were tired of seeing my face too, I totally understand it! I only skipped two days, both of which were days that I was working from home and didn't have to leave the house, so I stayed in jammies or yoga pants for the day. Clearly I need to follow Devon's suit and make some lounge pants to wear at home!

Anyway, above and below are the results of me documenting myself wearing handmade nearly everyday for the month of May. If you want to see the details of each outfit, check out my Instagram feed, where each of these came from.

Did I learn anything along the way? Yes, and no. I already knew that I needed more things that actually fit me, and I also knew that I liked comfortable, modern, but feminine and vintage-inspired shapes and fabrics. I think this all shows up in my photos, so none of that was news to me. I think was it does tell me is that it's okay to have a closet full of classic staples that you want to turn to over and over. I don't need 1,000's of items and I have no intention of wearing something different everyday. I'm not that into consumption!

I'm also intrigued by separates, as I got quite a lot of milage from a couple of skirts I whipped up quickly and knit shirts, both RTW and handmade. I'm more comfy in separates now, so that might be a theme for me coming up. I'm certain with my smaller shape and a few more minutes to spare when I return home from holiday, my closet is going to get a major overhaul!

How about you? Did you learn anything from participating in Me Made May? Would you do it again? I will!