London Party and Emery Dress Contest!

I can hardly believe this is true, but trust me, it is true! The lovely ladies at Ray Stitch in London are throwing me a party! Woohoo!!! So if you're in the area, please save the date of Friday, June 13 from 6-9pm!

Ray Stitch has promised us cocktails, snacks, as well as a store-wide 10% discount (what!!!), and wait for it... an EMERY DRESS CONTEST! Aw yeah! I will be bringing prizes for Emery Dress contest winners, so ladies (and gents - hey, who am I to say can wear an Emery Dress?!), consider this your one-month warning to get those sewing machines fired up and moving!

Need to get the Emery Dress pattern? Not to worry! Ray Stitch is fully stocked, and there are other lovely UK people selling them as well, plus you can also get it from me (and hey, there's a sale going on!), so there are plenty of places to get your hands on an Emery pattern in time. So get to it!

I cannot wait to meet all the amazing UK people that have been so incredibly supportive to me and my patterns. Seriously, I joke all the time that everyone in the UK must own my patterns by now with the number I've sold there. It's not that big! But man, you all have nearly outsold everyone else, so well done!

Mark your calendars and do please come to say hi! Hope to see you there! Yay!!!!