Fancy Tiger & Sew it All Colorado Trip Recap!

Ellen March & me
Phew! Time sure is flying right by! It feels like my trip was last weekend, but that was a different trip. Man, I have some recapping to do! But first, let's recap my amazing Colorado trip from a few weeks ago...

flying over the mountains - dinner in downtown Golden, CO
The original reason for flying out to Colorado was to shoot an episode of Sew it All for season 8! I shot the show once before for season 2 and it was such a blast to be back with Ellen March and the whole crew. The taping process is a total rush and moves so fast that before you know it, you're done! They shoot it all in one take and all you can do is hope that you don't mess up, because if you do, you have to start all over. After a few attempts at the intro, we nailed it.

the set at Sew it All
Since I was coming to Colorado, it only seemed right to drop into Fancy Tiger and I was so thrilled that their lovely staff welcomed me to teach a weekend workshop of my Emery Dress pattern. I had 10 lovely ladies who worked their tails off and completed the entire dress in two days! Seriously, these ladies worked hard and I am so honored that they chose to spend their weekend with me sewing. Two of my students even flew in from the LA area just to do it!

patterns at Fancy Tiger - their two sewing classrooms
the gorgeous shop at Fancy Tiger - an impressive board of upcoming events!
my hard working students
sewing sewing sewing...
10 brand new Emery Dresses!!!! 
While we were in town, I had to visit some of my old haunts, as I lived in Denver and Boulder for a large part of my 20's. I hadn't been back in many years and wasn't sure if things had changed much. Lucky for me, some things had, and some things hadn't. A stop was made at The Market, a cafe I worked at in my early 20's, and it's like time had stood still. Nothing was different at all!

the Market
While in town we rented a house near Washington Park, and it was such a delight to live there again. I've had such good Air B&B experiences, and this was yet another. It's so nice to be able to cook and walk around and live in a home while visiting instead of living in a hotel.

our home away from home
After the class and shooting was over, we stayed a night in Boulder and visited more old haunts, old friends, and some new spots too. All in all, it was an amazing trip and for those that didn't get a spot in my class, don't worry, I'll be back for sure! Probably this fall... :)

The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art - one of my old jobs from my 20's
Lucile's - a favorite haunt that hasn't changed a bit!
Boulder Creek Path
our hotel view - Mountain Sun Brewery - Fabricate fabric shop
Nederland, CO
Huge thanks again to Ellen March and the Sew it All team; Jaime, Amber, and the whole staff at Fancy Tiger; and all my amazing students. You all made my trip so memorable and fantastic!