Au Revoir!

I am off today on my annual holiday to Paris, and I am SO ready for a break! Though this year is the first time work is officially coming with me. But that's okay, it's a lovely problem that I'm at a point where I can't just shut things down for 6 weeks and go hide at a Parisian park! So there will be some items on my to-do list, but hey, I'll be doing them in Paris, so really a girl can't really complain, am I right?

I have had guest bloggers in the past help fill the void left here during my holiday, but since I'll have my trusty laptop with me this year, I will be posting occasionally myself from abroad. Not too much, mind you, but some. So keep your eyes here for some posts from Paris!

And if you're into Parisian eye candy, I suggest you follow my Instagram feed, as I just invested in some international data so I can post on the go! I've heard from so many people that they love my photos while I'm away, so I will be updating my feed daily with French goodness, like the photo above from last year's trip.

Incidentally, if you're into these images, many of my favorites are up on my Society6 page, available on a multitude of products. So check that out if you're so inclined!

Okay, time to catch my flight and cross the ocean to my Parisian apartment! Eeep!