Off To Denver!

I'm super excited to jet off to Denver tomorrow for two awesome events!

First, I'm teaching my Emery Dress in a two-day weekend intensive dressmaking marathon at the amazing Fancy Tiger! I can't wait to see the shop in person and meet their lovely students! The class is sold out, but if you're not enrolled and want to swing by to say hi, I'll be there teaching all day Saturday and Sunday this weekend, so feel free to interrupt me and say hello! I've heard that they have my patterns and new book in stock, so if you need me to sign the book, I can do that too!

I'm also super excited to be shooting another episode for PBS' Sew It All with the lovely Ellen March! I was on season two and it will be great to revisit the set and shoot another season. I'm not sure when that will air but you can check your local PBS listings to see if you get it and when it is on.

After all of that goodness, my man and I are taking a day and a half for vacation before coming home, as I used to live in Denver and Boulder and we're going to see some old haunts as well as some old friends. Things will be a little quiet here for the next week while I'm away, but then I'll be back in action before you know it!

Thanks all!