Book Party Recap!

Remember that party Sew L.A. had for me and my new book? So this is a wee bit late, but honestly, I was so mobbed at the party that I didn't take one single photo and needed to wait until I could grab photos from Devon! She didn't get a ton either since she was also responsible for ringing people up and cutting fabric, but I think these lovely shots she did get will give you a nice overview of what a great time was had!

homemade treats & macarons
yummy snacks!
mmm… this was good!
Per usual, we had loads of yummy food and snacks, as well as some delicious homemade cocktails! Those Sew L.A. girls and I know how to throw a good party, if I may say so myself! Also, I should point out those insane buttons on top of the chocolate ganache drops up there. At my first book party, five years ago, The Urban Craft Center threw me a party, and their new employee made cupcakes with these fondant buttons on them. Yep, that was Devon! So all these years later, she did it again! It meant so much to me, and they were delicious!

met Karou in person finally!
the lovely Trice
Jude & Molly
There were many familiar faces in the crowd, including many crafty folks you might know like Kathy, Trice, Cathy, Robert, Kaoru, Amity, Jude & Molly, Angie, and many many other non-craft blogger friends! If you looked closely, you also would have spotted some really special guests at the party,  four of the lovely Cotton & Steel ladies! Yep, the amazing Alexia, Sarah, Rashida, and Melody were all in town for work stuff and joined me to celebrate! I was also lucky enough to spend Sunday of that weekend with them at their top secret head quarters, where they took me for Japanese food and for my first ever trip to Daiso! Those ladies are amazing. What till you see what they have up their sleeves!

Alexia, Melody, Rashida, and Sarah of Cotton & Steel
You can also see in these shots my latest dress that I made for the party! It is an Emery bodice with elbow length sleeves, with the pencil skirt from Gertie's book attached, for more of a wiggle dress shape. I love it so much! The gorgeous navy seersucker-like cotton is from The Fabric Store, which really has some amazing garment-weight bolts. I am stoked that I still have a few yards of this fabric left to do something else with!

Kathy, Haley, & me
Haley looking fine!
Haley was also sporting the pencil skirt from Gertie's book, paired with a simple T and looking oh so slim! Seriously, doesn't she look great?! Her skirt fabric is an amazing navy and metallic gold heavy weight fabric (not sure of the content), also from The Fabric Store. I really wish I had nabbed some of that too, though I am not quite as bold with my fabric choices as she is!

my patterns :)
Kathy and all the pretty quilt weights
We sold out of all of the books on hand, and I signed many copies. There is nothing more mortifying though that not recognizing people from the internet and stumbling through spelling their names while signing their books! Everyone was so gracious and kind and I think they all forgave me for not knowing them by face, but still, I try!

signing books!!!
post-raffle thank you - where I got all choked up about the amazing support!
All-in-all it was an amazing time and I cannot thank each one of you enough for coming by! It meant so much to me to celebrate all this hard work with those that support and enrich my life! Thank you all!

All photos by Devon Iott, except the last one by Zeynep Yeldan