My Mellowing Wardrobe

With my changing body, I'm thinking ahead to about a month from now when I'm going to want to start sewing real garments for myself again. I've been sewing some things of course, but since my body is still in flux, I'm hoarding my favorite projects for when I know my body has stabilized a bit more. I'm going to give myself until the 90 day mark of my new year's resolution before really making tailored garments; until then, it's elastic and knits for everything!

As I plan for what I want to make for my daily life as well as my upcoming holiday, I find myself really turning my back on my fabric stash. I'm less and less excited about sewing with printed quilt weight fabrics and find my attention turning to more elegant fabric choices as well as more sophisticated prints and solids. I've always loved these kinds of prints, but like many people, I'm easily swayed by a cute vintage floral or cat head print. Perhaps it's my recent desire to quilt that I'm finding myself satisfied using these quilt weight prints in actual quilts, I'm not sure. But whatever it is, my stash for future garments is certainly changing.

I recently looked at my pins on Pinterest and in files on my laptop of garment inspirations (pictured above and below), and found that nearly all of them involved solids, simple prints, and stripes. I will forever love vintage girly, but with the opportunity to basically rebuild my wardrobe, I'm thinking a lot about what I want to spend the time to make for myself to wear. My home and quilts and business identity and loads of other things in my life will forever be vintage girly, but my clothing, perhaps less so.

Why haven't I used more of these kinds of prints and solids in the past? I'm not sure, but I think it's a classic case of being drawn to something time and time again, but then not following through with that aesthetic for myself. I admire them on others, but rarely use them for myself. Do I think it's too simple when the time comes to choose a fabric? Perhaps. But then, I also don't wear really crazy prints either, I usually land somewhere in the middle.

I've started collecting fabrics for future sewing and I was surprised at the trend. Pictured above and below, all of these are from The Fabric Store, and all are non-quilt weight. They are silk, linen, and lightweight cottons. And as for prints, I'm leaning toward subtle textures and graphic elements, more so than novelty prints.

I know there's been a lot of chatter on the web lately about wardrobe building, and honestly, I wasn't even thinking about this kind of thing for myself, until I was faced with a closet full of garments that are getting larger and larger on me with each given day. A problem I welcome with open arms by the way! So now I'm really looking at my stash of fabric and patterns and thinking a lot about what I like to wear and what I want to take the time and money to make for myself.

I have no firm plans yet, and I will post more as I make decisions on what I want to make, so look for those soon! Have you jumped on the wardrobe rebuilding bandwagon? How has that effected your sewing plans?

All garment images from my Pinterest board
All fabric images by me