Transitional Skirts

I have a rather insane collection of striped tops, all only slightly different from the other. And yet, I've discovered that somehow with a collection of favorite tees, I have almost no skirts or pants. I've had a well documented dislike of pants, but this isn't really the fault of pants, rather that my body has never felt good in pants, so I almost never wear them. As my body changes, I suspect that will change too. I've already planned to buy a new pair of jeans as a reward to myself in the not-too distant future.

But in the meantime, I am really in need of some simple skirts. And as my body is still changing (and thankfully getting smaller!) I wanted bottoms that would change with me. So I set out to find a quick and simple yet flattering skirt to make up, and I didn't have to look far. Shaerie, my boss at Sew L.A., has been hard at work on her own patterns. They are being used mostly for teaching, but they are available on the shop's website as well, for anyone to use! This skirt is her Easiest Skirt pattern. I tried on the shop sample and was happy with the way it looked, so I dug through my stash to make one up as a wearable muslin.

I unearthed this scrap of Robert Kaufman printed chambray with little anchors on it that I had left from sewing a sample for the Kaufman booth last year. Luckily this skirt only takes 1.5 yards, so it's an amazing stash buster! In fact, I've already made a second one out of light blue and white striped shirting I had in my stash too. And not only did it take very little fabric, it only took me an hour to make! So yeah, there will be more of these in my closet soon.

I followed the size medium exactly for this version and found it to be just slightly a bit too full. So for the second version, I made the size medium yoke and the size small lower skirt, so it's less gathered and a little narrower. I also cut an extra 1/2" of elastic off the waist of the second version. Pretty minor changes for a quick and easy skirt.

I know it's hardly complicated, but it's nice to have some simple little projects to whip up that will work on my ever changing body as little pick me ups while I work my ass off (quite literally!) at the gym!

Oh, and thanks again to the lovely Devon for taking my photos again! I think I'm getting slightly less terrible in front of the camera. Slightly. And to leave you… here are some outtakes!