More Emery Dresses!

Seriously you guys, I honestly thought by now that your love for the Emery Dress would have wained, but WOW, clearly not! I have seen some amazing dresses out there and am so honored that many people are turning to this pattern for special occasions in their lives- parties, Valentine's Day, etc. and making it multiple times! That is the ultimate compliment!

I cannot thank you all enough for the love and while I love all of you, I must say that the UK is seriously leading the pack with number of sales that the ongoing joke around me and my pals is that pretty much every woman in the UK must own this pattern by now! It's not that big of an area! So way to go ladies of the UK!

Without further ado, I give you some amazing Emery Dresses! First up, above is the gorgeous Tasha from By Gum By Golly, who you might remember from the last round of Emery Dresses. This time she out did herself by making it for Valentine's Day and even matching up the print on the back along the zipper! She squared off the neckline and the result is adorable! Visit her post for many more images and details.

The insanely adorable Roisin from Dolly Clackett has blogged four of her Emery Dresses, and I get the impression that she's made even more than that. Each one is so adorable and she wears crazy prints so well, which I admire because I cannot pull that stuff off! Above is one of her pretty dresses, and below are numbers twothree, and four! Click on the links to see her posts on each one.

Taught by her pal Roisin above, Sarah from A Million Dresses learned to make her very first dress!!! And soon after, she whipped up a second one just in time for Valentine's Day! Come on, for your first two dresses, aren't these dresses below spectacular? Well done Sarah!!!

Sometimes I spot Emery Dresses on the web or on Instagram by people I don't know and in languages I don't speak, but I wanted to include them none the less, since they are lovely! Below is Tina's Emery from her blog Tina's Welt, which has the cutest contrast collar and bow. 

Instagram user @dinoprincesschar posted this super cute Emery dress on her feed. I wish I could see the fabric closer because it looks really fun! 

The always lovely and beautiful Adey from The Sew Convert made herself another Emery in super sweet pink and the collar has little pink birds on it! She made it to wear with her family for the Lunar New Year. Check out her post to see the collar up close!

I absolutely love Sew I Thought's Emery Dress, because it shows that with a change in fabric, the dress can escape its sweet edge and look much more modern. She shortened it and used this amazing aztec print that is so far removed from Betty Draper, and I mean that in a good way! It's really nice to see the shape in worn a modern way. 

Another case of simply finding an Emery on the internet, Debbie from Duck & Duffle posted her Emery dress, made in classic gingham with a sweet white collar. Pretty much a classic choice!

The adorable Virginia from the shop Gather Here in Boston (one of my lovely retailers!) needed a dress for the Lizzy House Cat Nap contest, and for her shop's anniversary party. I was so flattered to see that for these special occasions, she made herself a Cat Nap Emery Dress! I spotted it on her Instagram feed, cocktail in hand :)

Jane from Handmade Jane was lucky to have been chosen by Alice at Backstitch (another fine retailer of mine!) to give the Emery a try and then review it! Thanks to both Jane and Alice for taking this on! Jane switched her skirt up and made it a circle, and even showed how to install a waist stay on the inside. Check out her post for all the details!

In another case of a shop asking a blogger to test the Emery, Jennifer from Jennifer Lauren Vintage was asked by Indie Stitches (yet another fine retailer!) to make one up and then even did a giveaway! Lucky folks down under! Her dress is made in a classic blue and topped off with a lovely Liberty bow belt! Sooooo cute! 

Of course you're all used to seeing the super nice Kathy on my site by now, right? Well of course she's keeping vigil on the Emery train and made herself a super cute version using two different fabrics and topping it off with a bow made in a third fabric! Adorable as always!

And lastly, I spotted this Emery on Twitter, made by UK-based @wanderingmolly. I love the fabric so much and really like the gathered and cuffed sleeves! So super cute!

Thanks so much to everyone for continuing to blow my mind by your purchases and your finished dresses! I am so thrilled that you all love it so much and if I missed yours, please let me know! Email me or comment below with your version so I can include you next time!

Happy weekend to you all!!!