Knit Franken-Dress

Sometimes I want to wear my jammies to work, so last week I decided to make up a knit dress to wear the next day, because well, I wanted to wear jammies! I pulled out my Built by Wendy Sew U Home Stretch book and followed the boatneck top tutorial for the top of the dress. Then for the bottom, I simply cut two rectangles to be gathered up.

Everything went together pretty quickly and easily, though the shoulders on the top were so wide that I had to sew in some emergency insets to keep the top from falling off my shoulders. I'm a bit too old to try to pull off a Flashdance look!

I took Anna's advice and put elastic in the waistband for gathering the skirt, which also provides stretch when taking the dress on and off, keeping the waistband threads from snapping. Works like a charm!

The fabric is from my stash- just some charcoal rayon knit that I've had forever. I didn't want to use up anything precious since this was probably going to be a wearable muslin. In the end the dress is too big, but to be honest, I'm totally okay with that since it certainly adds to the coziness of it.

And following some suggestions from my post about sewing for a changing body, knits is a great way to go! I have no idea what my body is becoming, and where things are going to end up - size, measurements, etc - but I can tell you that things are shifting and that a cozy knit dress will always be wearable, no matter how big it ends up in the end.

Also, huge thanks to my pal Devon for taking these photos of me. Not exactly perfect (man, I really need to practice posing - which is the weirdest thing I've written ever) but a huge improvement! Thanks Devon!

Pattern- Top half: Built by Wendy Sew U Home Stretch Boatneck Top; Bottom half: two rectangles
Fabric- Rayon knit from my stash
Shoes- Dansko