Join Me At Craftcation!

I am happy to announce that once again I will be participating in the super fun Craftcation Conference in Ventura! This is the conference's third year and mine as well! It is always a super fun time and unlike last year, where I had to quickly pop in and out for one day, I will be there the whole 4-day run! So won't you join me?

All of the workshops have been announced and the lineup is pretty stellar. In addition to crafts like sewing, drawing, and the like, there will also be many workshops for food-based topics, terrarium building, light box building, and many other super fun crafts. Of course there are all the practical workshops too, where you can learn about taxes, book writing, and many more sessions, all taught by professionals.

This year I am teaching three workshops, all new to this year! The first is a super simple zipper pouch that is great for even the most novice of sewers. Perfect for your makeup, craft supplies, or whatever other little things you carry around all day!

I am also teaching a 2-part dress making workshop, so by the end you will have made a whole garment! This is best for those of you that have had some sewing experience, but not a lot of knowledge is necessary. It's really simple so everyone will be able to finish in time!

Lastly I am teaching a simple fabric stamping class, where we will carve blocks and learn to work with repeating patterns. Great for using on your next sewing project!

And of course, I will be around for all the happy hours, opening parties, and will have my new book on hand in case you'd like to get one directly from me and have it signed!

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up by February 15th and you will get the early bird discount! Click here to read all about it and I hope to see you there!