Dropcloth Embroidery Subscription Giveaway!

Many many years ago, I was a college student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I was an older undergrad student so it ended up that many of my friends were master's students. One of those friends I met was Rebecca Ringquist. I honestly cannot remember exactly where we met, I am pretty sure we had a class or two together, but it has been so many years now that I can't remember what they might have been. History of Jazz? Who can remember…

After graduation, I moved on with my life, and she with hers, and since we weren't super close friends, we didn't really stay in touch. We would see each other here and there around Chicago, and I always enjoyed her so much, but once I left for LA I lost touch with many of those acquaintances that I knew in school.

After being in LA for about 8 or so years, and deep in the DIY/craft/sewing movement for that entire time, I saw Rebecca's name pop up on my radar. Wow! What a blast from the past! And how stoked was I to see that she was still making art, entirely with embroidery! And more mind-blowing, we pretty much knew all the same people in the scene. Oh how the universe works. She was running her DIY business from New York, filming for Creativebug, blogging, and teaching around the country. I was running my DIY business from LA, filming for Craftsy, blogging, and teaching around the country. Hilarious.

I'm so happy that she is back in my circle and you should be too, because one of my lucky readers is going to benefit from Rebecca's kind generosity! In addition to all the other things she does, Rebecca has the most adorable embroidery subscription samplers that she mails out to all the subscribers on the 15th of each month. Each one focuses on a different stitch, so every month you can really get to know that stitch, and by the end of the year you should have 12 amazing stitches under your belt, ready to use on any number of projects - art, craft, or for embellishing garments!

Rebecca sent me one of her samplers and it is simply adorable. It's small so it's not overwhelming, but large enough to proudly frame and hang, or incorporate into a larger project, like a pillow or quilt. Seriously, wouldn't that be awesome? 12 custom blocks all embroidered and sewn together for a quilt top? Hell yes!

So, one of you is going to win a three month subscription to her dropcloth embroidery sampler of the month! Simply comment on this post and tell me something about embroidery! Have you ever done it? What's your favorite stitch? Perhaps you know nothing about it at all! Just tell me something! Oh, and please make sure to include an easy way for me to contact you - link to your email, or your actual email written in the comments, so I can let you know that you won!

I will randomly choose a winner at the end of day on Sunday, February 16th, and will pass on that person's name and contact information to Rebecca. Please note that because this is a mailing gift, this is only open to US residents only. But, the actual subscriptions are open to anyone in the world! So if you're not in the US, go get yourself a subscription!

Good luck!!!