Upcoming Emery Dress Workshops!

I'm so thrilled to announce that I will be teaching two more sessions of the Emery Dress classes at Sew L.A.! The classes are 4 sessions long, 3 hours each session, for a total of 12 hours of class time. We will make View A (as pictured above) with short sleeves and the bow (which is optional). Who better to teach you how to make the Emery Dress then me?!

The January session begins on Wednesday, January 15th, and sign ups are open! Enroll today to save your spot! Simply click here to sign up on-line, or call or stop into the shop to sign up on the phone or in person. The cost of the class is $155. The March class is not yet up on the Sew L.A. website, but you can sign up by calling or coming into the shop, so don't let the lack of on-line link stop you!

Class spaces are very limited to make sure that everyone gets a lot of personal one-on-one attention from me, so sign up today to reserve your spot!

This class is for intermediate or advanced students and moves very quickly. If you're unsure of your level (based on how the classes are taught) simply call the shop at the number above and discuss your previous sewing experience with the staff. Or ask me in the comments!

And if you recall from this post, my previous students had some pretty stellar results! You can also read about Kathy's experience in my class at her post here.

Hope to see you in class!