Thoughts For 2014

I'm not really a resolutions type girl, because I'm not sure they work. Kinda like diets. They feel temporary and punishing in tone, so I don't use that word. But I do believe in pausing, assessing where one is, and honestly thinking about what is good, what needs to change, and so on. So, let's have that moment in regards to the new year, shall we?

Things I'd like to do better in my life:

Blog What I Sew

For the love of god, I need to actually blog the things I sew! My lack of documentation isn't funny anymore! It's darn right pathetic. I seriously wear about 90% handmade, and looking at the last year, I hardly properly blogged any of the things I made. You saw them here and there in selfies and group shots, and during Made Me May, but did you get proper blog posts? No. No you did not. So goal number one: blog what I made!

Not that I need an excuse, but honestly the reason I think I don't do it more, is that I don't think I have proper set up for taking really interesting photos. But the reality is that many of my favorite blogs don't either, and I most certainly don't judge them for shooting photos in their studios or in their living rooms. I really don't have the kind of set up where I could shoot outside all the time or anything like that, but I need to get over the stigma of simply shooting in my home, interesting or not!

Sew From My Stash

I usually start my sewing projects with the garment design first, then decide what fabric would be best for the job, and if I don't have the right fabric, I buy it. I think that it is time to work in reverse: look at my stash, pick a fabric, then match a garment to go with the fabric I've selected. That way I use the fabrics I already loved enough to buy, and slowly work away my massive stash!

Get My Body Back

Okay, this one has nothing to do with sewing… or does it? If I was someone that bought all my clothes, I would simply go buy new jeans. Instead, I've taken tons of time to painstakingly make garments that I love and that fit me well. But with last year's book writing, I put on a few extra pounds. I seriously had trouble writing without a bag of blue corn chips at my side! True story. So now I find that all of my favorite dresses don't fit quite as ideal as they used to when originally sewn, which makes me really sad. So, not to sound all "new year, new me" cliché, but this year I seriously plan to whip my ass into shape!

I don't know how others motivate themselves to work out, but one thing that helps me are inspiration images. For me, I see the ladies above, (both images from Boden), looking like they feel light and having fun, unburdened by fatigue or excess weight. It's not about skinny, it's about stamina, and feeling free. I already eat well, now I just need to get moving!

Do you want to follow that part of my journey? I most certainly will not be turning this into a blog about health or weight loss, but if you all want updates, let me know! It might make me more accountable if I have to check in with you all from time to time, like once a month. Sound good? Let me know!

How about you all? Any changes you'd like to see for your life in 2014? Tell me in the comments!