Sewing With A Transitional Body

Keeping with my goals for 2014, I have been hard at work on taking better care of myself. I promise a full report on my food and fitness progress at the start of next month, when I've been at it for a full month, but suffice it to say that whatever I'm doing so far is making a difference. And that of course makes me beyond happy.

But what I find happening is that my usual desire to sew clothing for myself is really nonexistent. Since I am happy to see change in my body and hope for more, it seems so pointless to sew clothing for myself until I've either hit my goal, or plateau at a comfortable place.

So what do you do when your body is in transition? Apparently you start the world's largest quilt. Okay, it's not that big, but when you look at the cold hard number of the quantity to cut, it certainly feels like the world's largest quilt! It is liberating to cut and organize my fabrics without any thoughts of fit in my head and I can just move forward with cutting and piling tons of little squares. (And the quilt will be made of 100% stash fabric, completing another 2014 goal!)

I saw Devon's quilt in progress and decided that I was going to use the same design as my starting point too. You might have seen the Economy Block Quilt-Along on Instagram or some of the other blogs, which is a square, inside a square, inside a square. The center square is on its side so it has great dimension and forms diamonds all over the quilt. It's really adorable and I'm enjoying working on it so far.

How do the rest of you deal with sewing for a transitional body? I'm not a mother and don't plan to be, so dealing with the flux of weight before and after childbirth must be an intense experience for a sewer! I'm simply toning and losing weight, but it really does have me thinking about what I want to wear and when I might sew again for my body.

Meanwhile, there's always gym clothing to sew :)