My Birthday Laurel

Okay, so here goes with me attempting to shoot photos of myself in my apartment with a timer. I'm not going to lie, I've seen better. But I've done it, and have pulled the bandaid off so to speak. I learned SO MUCH from shooting these and promise that they can only get better! But first, let's talk about the dress!

Pattern: Laurel Dress from Colette Patterns
Fabric: Navy and white heart stretch cotton from The Fabric Store
Size: 8 for the lower body, with small shoulder adjustment and bust dart apex moved to suit my bust

You already know that I love the Laurel Dress, so when it came to making a little something to wear out for dinner for my birthday last week, I wanted to use something that was tested and easy, since I'm a wee bit too busy right now to work out a new muslin and such. When the lovely Sarai was in town a bit ago, we had a day together, as you might have seen her mention on her New Year's Eve Laurel post.

We hit Mood and The Fabric Store and kept each other in check, buying only classic prints. She got the black on black polka dot for her Laurel, and I found this adorable heart print for my Laurel. It suits me perfectly in that it is fun and feminine, but the navy and white keep it classic and sophisticated.

It's a stretch cotton, which I like, though it is a bit "loud" as I wore it, like you know how fabric like taffeta makes noise as it brushes against itself as you walk? Yeah, it is kinda like that. Though not so bad that I highly doubt anyone else noticed.

I made my usual adjustments as listed above, and I pretty much can make this dress in my sleep right about now. I've made so many Laurel Dresses, and am actually ready to move onto another shape, believe it or not. So this might be my last Laurel for a bit.

As for the photos, first off, MAJOR props to ladies like Anna and Lauren who make posing in front of the camera look easy, because it is not! I learned that though I had natural light coming into my room, it could use much more help in the lighting department and shooting at high noon or outside would really improve these photos a lot. But whatever, I'm getting over the fear of doing this and these are the shots I have, so I'm putting them out there!

So there you have it, my first make of 2014, and properly blogged only a week after making it! That's a job well done, if I do say so myself :)