The Best of 2013: Life

Ahhhh.... life. The lines between my work, day job, and life are all very blurry. Sometimes I love that this is true, and sometimes I envy those that leave work 100% behind when they clock out at 5pm Monday-Friday. For the most part I'm happy with the blurriness, but it takes real effort to draw the line and clock out for the day, especially when you work for yourself.

When I did punch out, here's some of what I did this year!

Took many selfies, and learned to master the cat eyeliner :)
Lost many rounds of Scrabble to my way-to-smart-for-his-own-good boyfriend!
Continued to try to understand the French language!
Saw my French boyfriend Romain Duris on the big screen :)

Visited the Griffith Observatory for my birthday - my first time!
Had many lovely quiet moments with my man.
Went roller skating with the girls from Sew L.A. (that blur is me)!
Was in a gorgeous wedding at the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito near Santa Barbara.

Got sicker than I've been in years at the May Quilt Market & stayed on the couch for many days!
Had a girl's day at the Four Seasons Spa... nice!
Hit the beach here in LA!
Made my man proper French lemon tarts for his birthday!

Bought many records, mostly from Trevor at Jacknife Records & Tapes.
Saw some glorious films at Cinefamily.
Dined a number of times at a local favorite, Figaro.
Went to the Hollywood Bowl for a few shows, including an amazing night with Tony Bennett.

My mom & brother came to visit just after we returned from Paris, and just before my mom got married! Eeep! So weird but wonderful. We hit the beach, went thrifting, shopped for records, and drank PBR's :)

I did a wee bit of non-business and non-dress sewing this year:
Made my man a massive quilt and embroidered a secret message on the back in French.
Sewed the lovely Olivia a new dress (pattern from Green Bee)!
Made myself a matching set of bra and high-waisted panties. 
Went shopping for more fabric with Sarai (of Colette Patterns) at Mood and The Fabric Store.

I also got my studio reorganized after finishing the book, which whipped through my studio like a tornado! 
The top photos are before and after a newly added bookcase! 
I picked up a vintage yellow table to be my new desk and splurged on an Orla Kiely hanging lamp.
Added some Orla Kiely organization bins to my book case for hiding all my magazines.
The fabric stash was organized: the left side are works in progress and washed fabrics, the right side is unwashed yardage.
And after being paid for the book, I bought myself a new (old) machine! I LOVE HER. 

I am lucky that I get to see my friends in conjunction to my work all the time, but I did do some non-work related visiting this year too!
Marisa (of Creative Thursday) and I hit Renegade this summer, and it was my first time as a non-vendor! I hid under my big hat and had a glorious time!
As you know from the Best of Travel, I had a great time in Palm Springs with my BFF's Jenifer & Ileana. 
Marisa, Alexia, and I shared a room in Portland during market, and also met up here in LA. Love those ladies!!!
Marisa and I took the Canoe leather tooling workshop in June and had a great time!
At the start of the year I helped my pal Jenifer make herself a Washi tunic! 
Haley (my Sew L.A. partner) and I enjoying martinis at Bottega Louie. Yum!
While at Renegade, of course Marisa and I had a cocktail as well :)
And since I was in Portland for market, I was able to visit with my friend Tonya!

Lastly, the kitties and I had a good but challenging year. We watched many runway shows and they helped me form opinions on what was good and what was simply meh. 
Lloyd went to live at his old home in Venice since he needs constant care and attention. He is not of good health and since I live alone and travel a lot, he needed more 24/7 care than I could give him. It was a tearful and bittersweet parting, but I know he is well.
I got the girls a new cat bed and they instantly fought over it.
And post-Lloyd, there was much consoling for Sally and Pinta.