Emery Dress Parade and Giveaway Winner!

It is so rewarding to see everyone's finished Emery Dresses! Each is lovely and different from the next. I honestly love what a blank canvas this dress is and enjoy watching each person customize all the details to suit their personal style. It's also a bit mind-blowing to see that these dresses are literally all over the world. Wow, seriously wow!

Some of the dresses were made with the Emery Dress Sew-Along, and some were finished slightly beforehand, but none have been shown on my blog, so I'm going to show all of the finished dresses I could find. If I missed yours, please let me know in the comments or by emailing me! And next week I will show you all my finished dress that I made during the sew-along.

Above are my lovely ladies from my Emery Dress class at Sew L.A. that finished yesterday afternoon. I am so proud of how hard they all worked! Everyone got their dresses finished, except for the hand stitching. Thank you Kathy, Mary, Jessica, and Tonie (who is simply holding her dress up)! Way to go ladies! Oh, and I'm wearing one of my favorite Emery Dresses too!

Okay, without further ado, here are all the Emery Dresses!

Amber (one half of the team behind Fancy Tiger) made her Emery from Pendleton wool shirting. Come on, this is amazing! 

Lauren (on the right) made herself an Emery and three additional dresses for the cast of Beverly Hills High's production of 39 Steps, of which she was in charge of the costumes! 

Marrie made her latest Emery in a gorgeous cotton voile, lined the entire dress, and pleated the skirt. Check out her post to see how great the inside looks!

Kathy of the Nerdy Seamstress (who was also in my class pictured above) made herself an adorable Emery with a circle skirt and a contrast bow. 

Julie from Jolies Bobines won her Emery pattern during the Sublime Stitching giveaway and made hers in a silk with adorable tiny Eiffel Towers on it! Swoon!!!

Anna from Paunnet has impeccable style and her Christmas version of my Emery just about blew my mind. I love it so much! 

Smaida of Sew Meow made her Emery in a classic navy and topped it off with the cutest shoes ever! This version and styling is so me!

Toni's version is fun and springy with a contrast collar, sleeveless finish, and an added waistband!

Angie has the best vintage style and her rayon version is so cute paired with leggings and clogs. It's so perfect for LA weather! 

Overachiever Marrie not only made an Emery during testing, and the above listed one, but a third version, made of rayon. Seriously, her garments are so well made!

Mary made such a fun version of the Emery with a contrast white collar and a fun star print. And look at those cute shoes! She looks adorable. 

Naomi (on the left) also made a holiday plaid version, but in green and blues. It's classic and so cute! Erin of Miss Crayola Creepy made her dress (on the right) in a fun retro print from Mood with a solid collar. Can't wait to see it on her! 

Ruth from Nightingale & Dolittle pretty much made my dream dress: Peter Pan collar and Liberty Lawn. Seriously, best. dress. ever.!!!

Mary, one of my Sew L.A. students, made her Emery (on the left) in two contrasting fabrics, which is something I love to do! Such a cute pairing! And Leah (on the right) made her gorgeous dress from Thai silk. Gorgeous! 

Stefanie from Urban Cut, one of my fine retailers, made up her Emery with a circle skirt and 3/4 sleeves, perfect for cold German winters! 

Aren't they all amazing! Thank you each and every one of you for making my Emery Dress! There are so many lovely patterns out there, I'm honored that you all took the time to make it. Thank you!

So, one of these lovely ladies is also going to win a tote bag filled with goodies from me! I wrote all the names on little pieces of paper and then let my cats help me draw a winner. And the winner is....

Congrats Marrie! You've more than earned your prize after making three versions of the Emery Dress! I already have your address because of the pattern testing, so look for your package in the mail soon. Yay! 

Thanks so much to everyone for sewing along with me and congrats on your pretty new dresses!