Emery Dress Sew-Along: Peter Pan Collar Alteration


Welcome to part 11 of the Emery Dress Sew-Along! View B of the Emery Dress has a flat pointed collar. But what if you like collars but would prefer a rounded collar at the center front? Well, you're in luck! The change is easy peasy! Ready? Here we go!

To make this change, you need your collar piece, some sort of curve (I'm using a French Curve), and a fine point pen (I'm using an ultra fine point sharpie). 

Simply place the curve at the center front lower corner, lining up the curve with the collar. 

Use the sharpie to connect the curve of the collar with the curve of the template.

Trim down, and you're done! Continue cutting and sewing the collar just as instructed in the Emery Dress pattern. The only change is that because the lower front is now curved, there is no need to pivot. 

And that's it! Super easy! See you here on Monday where we get into our pockets and skirt pieces! Happy weekend!

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