Pre-Orders Shipped & Welcome New Wholesale Shops!

I am so excited to announce that as of this morning, all the Emery Dress pre-orders have shipped! I am unbelievably humbled and honored by the quantity of patterns that were ordered and am a bit blown away by the many countries that are represented in this round of orders!

Patterns are on their way to cities all over the United States, including multiple patterns to Hawaii, as well as tons of fine ladies in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Norway, Sweden, France, Malta, Japan, Germany, and Brazil! Please know how much I appreciate this support and I cannot wait to see what you all make with your new Emery Dress patterns! A gentle reminder, when you get to making things, please consider using the hashtag #christinehaynespatterns so everyone (including me) can see what you make!

Also mixed in with the packages shipped this morning are a bunch of orders going out to wholesalers, including new retailers! Newly added to the list are Urban Cut in Germany, Ray Stitch in London, and We Sew Retro in Indiana. Welcome new shops! If you are looking to get a pattern from a shop, you can always visit the retailers page to find an outlet near you.

Tomorrow morning I am off on a long weekend vacation, so I will be taking a bit of a blog break, but I will see you back here next week, refreshed and ready to get moving onto the next pattern! Oh, and if you want to follow along with my shenanigans with my ladies in Palm Springs, I suggest you follow me on Instagram! (@christinehaynes) Have a fantastic weekend!