Home Again

Many people wonder how I work so much and so hard all the time, and the trick is this: I also take real vacations. I think everyone should be allowed to unplug and go away for a time. It's so great to refresh and get away! Case in point, this last weekend I took a real break and was whisked away with my two best gal pals for 4 nights/5 days in Palm Springs. It simply doesn't get much better than that.

Did we see the many sites of town? Take an architecture tour? Ride the tram up the mountain? Well... not exactly. Did we float in the pool and sip cocktails all day in the sun? Yes, yes we did. I hope you enjoy a few photos from our adventure and start planning your next trip! If you require more photos, check out our #tll3 hashtag on Instagram.

For those that want to know, we stayed at the 1947 William F. Cody designed Del Marcos Hotel for four nights, and our room came with a kitchenette (everything but a stove), plus there was free breakfast. So to stay there, split 3 ways was super affordable. We only ate out a few meals and brought in all our own food and drinks from the grocery store to have in the room and by the pool. Totally recommend it!

Lastly, I've had many questions about the caftans we're wearing, and I can tell you that there will be a Craftsy blog post coming up soon about how to make these easy dresses! They were the hit of the hotel and had I brought spares, I could have made a mint!

See you all back here tomorrow for some Emery Dress sew-along reminders!

All photos shot by me except the one of us floating which was kindly taken by the hotel staff.