Emery Dress by the Testers: Devon of Miss Make

Sometimes I can hardly believe that I get to work with such amazing women at my day job. Case in point: the lovely Devon who blogs (and makes patterns too!) under the name Miss Make. She wasn't an "official" pattern tester, but when she saw that I had an extra printout of the Emery Dress she jumped at the chance to make it, and when I saw her fabric choice, I knew it was going to be awesome.

The nice thing about having her make it up was that I was able to actually watch her do it in stages at the shop and it was fun for me to see her going through the steps one by one, reading what I wrote and trying to figure it out step by step. It was satisfying to watch!

If you don't follow Devon's blog, I suggest you pop over to Miss Make HQ to read about her Emery Dress making experience and to see all the other goodies she has going on over there. Also, if you used to follow her blog at MissMake.com you should know that it is now MissMake.Blogspot.com so some bookmark updating is in order!

Thanks to Devon for making such an incredible dress! Have you pre-ordered your pattern yet? They ship next week so now's your chance to scoop it up before they go out!

All photos by Devon and used with permission