New Website!!!

Yay! Also happening behind the scenes for a while now is my new website! It's up and running at as it always was. It might take a few hours for the non-www version of the address to forward and a few days for a few kinks to get worked out, but she's up and running!

With my new site I can offer wholesale shopping directly on my site, shipping rates based on the weight of the item, and it allows the customer to create a log-in so you can always see what's going on with your order, shipping, etc.

For now, my Rosemary Collar PDF is not up yet as it will take a bit to get the PDF part in order, and at some point in the near future, I will have PDF versions of other patterns too! There's a lot going on here in my little studio! I am so happy with the new site and hope you love it too!

If anyone sees anything funky or any broken links, please let me know! Thank you!!!