International Shipping Rates Lowered!

Thanks for being so patient while I figured out the shipping rates on the patterns! With my new site I am able to do a lot of configuring for shipping and it was all set up for USPS Priority Flat Rate mail, which is easy peasy to deal with on my end. However, it was insane for the non-United States residents, so it is all changed now!

To figure out the cost of shipping, it is entire based on weight and address, so I have broken the shipping down into what fits into each size package, based on the weight, so you are completely aware of what the rates will be based on what you put into your cart. Here's my handy dandy chart, which can also be found on the Info/F.A.Q. section of my site for future reference!

I hope all the non-US residents find this helpful and here's to happy pre-ordering the Emery Dress!