Emery by the Testers–Adey of The Sew Convert

I am the luckiest lady on earth, as the lovely seamstresses that tested my new Emery Dress are kind, amazing, and prolific sewers. I cannot wait for you all to see their creations!

Because of the quick turnaround time, I had decided not to include any testers out of the United States, as it didn't seem fair to them because I needed it so fast! But when one of your favorite bloggers asks to be a tester, of course you jump at it! That was the case with the adorable Adey, from The Sew Convert


I have followed her blog for ages and everything she wears looks amazing. So of course I wanted to see her in my Emery Dress! And was I right in thinking she'd be adorable? Was I indeed!!! 

Adey chose to use both the collar and bow from views A & B, adding a button at the bow's center, and used the short sleeves from view A. I could not be more thrilled by her creation. Instead of poaching all of her text, to read all about her experience, check out her blog post all about making the dress, including not needing ANY dart adjustments! A pattern designer's dream! 

Thank you Adey for being a tester and for making my dress look so amazing! I am honored to have you in my dress!

All photos by Adey and used with permission