Why Do You Sew?

What made you decide to learn to sew? It's something that I ask all new students that I teach, and the answers are pretty all over the place. Common answers are:
  • "I've recently had a baby (or am pregnant) and want to sew for him/her."
  • "My mom always sewed and now that I'm an adult, it is something I want to learn too."
  • "I am short and need to learn to alter my pants, dresses, and skirts."
  • "Seems like a practical skill that could come in handy!"
Rarely do I hear the reason that got me sewing – Because I love fashion.

Here's the reality: rarely does my taste match my budget. I love clothing. Love it. The only money I splurge on for fashion is for quality shoes and bags, and even those are still on a slight budget-restriction. While I could sew a cute bag, or shoes for that matter, I will never be able to sew a bag to the match the beauty and craftsmanship that Orla Kiely's people can. But I can sew a dress with the same quality fabric and craftsmanship that my favorite designers can. And with better fit too! 

That's what got me sewing. Fashion. I've been subscribing to Vogue since I was 13 years old and as a young girl I was obsessed with the show Style with Elsa Klensch on CNN. Did anyone else watch this show? It was on from 1980-2000 and I lived for it. My poor dad would indulge me interrupting the regular CNN news to sit and watch Elsa show segments from recent fashion runway shows, tours of designer homes, and news from fashion capitals around the world. It's also where I learned to pronounce designer's names properly! Here's a taste of of one of Elsa's episodes:

In time, my love of clothing and fashion turned from not just sewing for the love of it, but also for the ethics of it. While I love clothing, I do not love the clothing industry and the trends of fast fashion. I do not believe in sacrificing quality for style, because there is nothing stylish about cheap crap made by poorly paid children.

So there it is. I sew because I like to have a closet full of quality, ethically made, well-fitting garments. How about you?

Top photo of me sewing during my 2012 vacation in Paris