Quiet Out Front, Busy Behind the Scenes!

Things are remaining a bit quiet out here as I finish up the pattern changes and send things off to print, so sorry for the lack of interesting and in-depth posts! I can officially tell you that the pattern will be open for pre-sale on Monday, September 9th! Yay! So set your calendar alarm to remind you to check in on that day! If you're not on my mailing list, this is a good time to sign up, since I'll be offering a special deal to those folks and sending them a reminder about the pattern launch!

My testers blew my mind and I'm finishing up all the details. It takes so long when you have so many jobs, but in the end the final pattern is going to be great thanks to all the input I received, so the delays will be worth it!

To check out my other writing, I heard word from Craftsy that one of my posts is going up tomorrow and another is going up early next week, so check out my page of posts on their blog to see some of my recent work there.

Thanks for all the well wishes with my mom's visit! If you follow my Instagram feed, you saw we had a good time! We hit the beach, had cocktails, and did some shopping. Perfection. The above image is from our day at the beach. I love the pelicans!

I hope you all have a great weekend and I'll see you back here again soon!

Photo by me