Pattern Testers Update!

Hello all and Happy Thursday!

As I write this there are a team of plumbers pounding and drilling huge holes into my walls! Good times. My landlord is upgrading all the piping to copper, which I suppose is a good thing rather than drinking water from lead-based pipes, right? But needless to say, it's hard to focus on the tasks at hand! But I digress...

I have picked all my awesome pattern testers, so if you signed up, check your email inbox! Also, check your spam folders, in case it's gone there. I am totally blown away by all the amazing ladies that have offered up their time and talent to help test my pattern. And it was fantastic fun to be exposed to a whole bunch of new bloggers I didn't know about! Wow, you gals can sew!

Who did I pick and why? I chose one lady in each size, in a range of skill levels, from beginner to advanced. Almost everyone is in the US, with only a few exceptions. For this pattern the turn around time is extremely tight, so I wanted to try to minimize shipping time for the pattern. Next time I will pick more of you lovely international ladies!

And speaking of next time, the next pattern is already in the works, so without writing a book this winter, tossing a wrench into everything, I promise it will not take so long next time. Though I've seen my first book draft, and I must say, it was worth the delay to write it!

Thanks again to each and everyone that signed up to be a pattern tester and I cannot wait to see the new pattern out in the world!