Happy Weekend!

Thanks to everyone for their comments in yesterday's question about sewing with knits! Most of the comments centered around people hesitantly loving them, which I have complete sympathy for. If you own a serger or overlock machine, it certainly does remove a lot of the fear, but as Florence pointed out in her comment, all knits behave differently and while you might be comfortable with a more stable knit, a drapey bamboo knit might be another story. Thanks for the opinions and with that generally positive reply, you might just see some knit patterns show up from me!

My pattern testers are hard at work and I'm looking forward to hearing what each has to say about the pattern. I'm not going to lie, I am a bit nervous but it's nice to have each and every size tested by someone completely removed from the process to potentially catch errors. I'm such a perfectionist and it's hard to put yourself in a situation to have people comment negatively, but that is their job, so I'm welcoming it with open arms!

One quick self-promotion note- I have uploaded more of my Paris images to my Society6 page, so if you're in the market for a new iPhone cover or want a framed photo from Paris, they are up on my profile page. They are also offering a free shipping special through midnight Pacific Time on August 11, so if you click through this link, you will get free shipping on most items they offer in my shop. There are a few sewing-related items on my profile, if images of France aren't your cup of tea.

On my sewing table at the moment is a muslin of the Anna dress, which I got yesterday from the By Hand London ladies, and I'm in the midst of the Bombshell bathing suit and yet another Laurel dress. That pattern never gets old! I just picked up my trusty Bernina from the shop yesterday and I'm so happy to have her back! That will make for some more enjoyable sewing this weekend. Hope you all have a happy weekend and happy sewing to my testers!