My London Adventure with Tilly and Florence

One of the best things about the on-line sewing community are all the friends that you bond and connect with from all over the globe. It's such fun to form friendships with others that you would likely never meet in your everyday life. But because of distance, rarely do I ever get to connect with the actual ladies that I email and interact with virtually.

On our recent trip to Paris, we decided to do a quick dash over to London, as neither of us had ever been before. And if I was going to go to London, you can bet that I was going to try to meet up with my two favorite British ladies, Tilly and Florence. Of course you know of them- Tilly of Tilly & the Buttons, and Florence of Flossie Teacakes. I have been emailing and chatting with both Tilly and Florence on-line for a while now and considered both of them friends, despite having never actually met. I emailed both of them, not knowing if they even knew each other, to try to arrange a meal where all of us could get together. Scheduling didn't work for us to do that, but Tilly was able to have lunch with us on one day, and Florence the next. Perfect!

Tilly and I had arranged to meet in front of the National Theater on the South Bank, which was perfect for us to explore the city from our hotel to that point, then go on from there to the Tate Modern and beyond. Tilly was exactly as I expected her to be, as I had seen the Great British Sewing Bee, as well as on-line videos on her blog, so I had some idea as to what her voice and mannerisms were like. It's funny meeting someone you kind of "know" but not really. I was relieved that she was as lovely as I thought she would be!

We had a great time chatting about sewing, our future plans, and more, all the while my man being beyond patient while we ladies talked on things he's not super interested in! He's a good sport. Tilly was super kind and really funny and we could have talked and laughed for hours.

The next day we met up with Florence at a restaurant in Covent Garden, near where we were staying. Unlike with Tilly, I had no idea what Florence's voice or mannerisms were like, and from her blog I had always gotten the impression that she was rather serious and demure, but if you haven't met Florence in real life, let me tell you, she is not all business! I was happily greeted by a funny, goofy, and animated lady who was so incredibly nice and kind.

Much like with Tilly, we chatted a lot about sewing and fabric, but as Florence indicated on her own report of meeting with me, we both also asked each other many cultural questions, all of which left each of us in near tears as we laughed at the absurdity of each of our questions. She wanted to know if all Americans whiten their teeth, a question that I found to be hilarious (though now that I'm home I'm so much more aware of all the teeth whitening commercials and advertisements!), and I wanted to know why seemingly young and hip European ladies were running around on hot summer days in nude colored hosiery! Seems so un-chic! My man was delighted to hear that British men do in fact call each other "gov" or "governor" from time to time, which now I get called on a frequent basis. Not that I'm British, or a dude.

I could have chatted and hung out with both Tilly and Florence all day, and perhaps next time I'm in London, we'll do exactly that. This was a quick in-and-out trip and the taste I got from London left me wanting more, so I will be back. I'd love to hit the fabric shops and meet up with more of the London bloggers that I follow everyday. There are so many of you!

I want to pass on a huge thanks to the lovely Tilly and Florence for taking time from their busy lives to meet up with us. I am so happy to now call you both real-life friends and look forward to the time when we can gather again!