Help Wanted: Pattern Testers

UPDATE: Thank you for your interest in testing my future patterns! The list is now officially closed. Feel free to contact me with any questions! Thank you!

As you might know, I have a new pattern coming out very soon. Usually I test out all the size ranges, but I'd love to have others test the pattern this time, as it gives me a fresh set of eyes on the instructions and pattern elements. The point of having someone test a pattern is to find out if everything works as it should and that all the instructions are clear for the sewer.

I need at least one person of each size range to test out the pattern, then report back with comments to help me make any changes before sending the pattern and instructions to print. Interested in being a pattern tester? Read ahead to see what is involved and then sign up at the link at the end of the post if you fit the bill!

*Note- while I was testing out the form below on Monday, a handful of ladies snuck through and signed up. No worries if you were one of them, you are all set and signed up! And thank you!

Requirements for testers:
  • You fall into one of the size ranges of my pattern (minor changes are okay, but major are not)
  • You are able and willing to make the garment and report back with comments within the allotted time, as specified in the testing email
  • You can be located anywhere in the world! 
What you will get from me:
  • You will receive a paper printed version of the pattern and a copy of the instructions. These elements are all pre-printed versions, as the idea is to make any corrections prior to printing
  • After printing, I will send you a final version of the pattern as a thank you
  • Please note, there is no payment for pattern testing!
Size ranges:
  • Size 0: Bust- 31", Waist- 23", Hip- 33"
  • Size 2: Bust- 32", Waist- 24", Hip- 34"
  • Size 4: Bust- 33", Waist- 25", Hip- 35"
  • Size 6: Bust- 34.5", Waist- 26.5", Hip- 36.5"
  • Size 8: Bust- 36", Waist- 28", Hip- 38"
  • Size 10: Bust- 37.5", Waist- 29.5", Hip- 39.5"
  • Size 12: Bust- 39", Waist- 31", Hip- 41"
  • Size 14: Bust- 41", Waist- 33", Hip- 43"
  • Size 16: Bust- 43", Waist- 35", Hip- 45"
  • Size 18: Bust- 45", Waist- 37", Hip- 47"
Interested? Please sign up below to be part of the pattern tester mailing list! And thank you for your interest!!!!